I started wring under the name of “MR. PASTA E FAGGIOI”, for this site when it was first edited.  My sala ry was nothing , but i enjoed doing the column.  I received email from all over the country, complimenting me on my recipes. I tried to add a new one every ten days. In April of 2004, I was hospitalized. I reamained in the hospital for 6 months. I had the last rites twice and was in ICU for 3/4 months.  It all came about with a hip replacement that went bad at ROBERT PACKER HOSPITAL in Pa.

Iwas released to nursing-home for 6 weeks. I was allowed to go home as my insurance was running out.  I am confined to wheelchair. I triedto resume my writng, as best I could.  I was out of commission for awhile and not able to write. So ,cutting to the chase, I tried to get to the site. Much to my dismay, all was changed. I emailed the officials and was told that I was loger wring the column. They are ging in another diretion.  I guess that means I was fired,relive, or dismissed.  Couldn’t they have sent mr a email, inforing me as to what was taking place?  WAS IT PROPER THE WAY THEY DID IT?