THE TRAGEDY OF SEX OUTSIDE OF MARRIAGEOh for the good old days. Who hasn’t heard that expression at
one time or another. When it comes to medicine, though the
good old days were not as good, but when it comes to sin, and
it’s consequences, life is not so good as it used to be.
Granted there was always sin, but it was never applauded as
good and because it has become accepted as common place,
suffering has increased for all of us. There is no family that
is not touched by the suffering that comes from disobeying
God’s laws.

According to the American Psychological Association,
counselors on U.S. college campuses are seeing significant
increases of severe psychological problems especially in young
women. Like it or not, sex outside of marriage is very common
and creating much devastation in people‘s lives. When people
give themselves sexually to each other it creates a bonding
which is brought on by the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin is the
attachment hormone which produces bonding and trust. God
intended man and woman to become an image of the absolute and
unfailing love with which God loves man. (CC 1648) Their union
is holy and sacred and how beautiful it is in the context of
marriage when two people put God first, but when casual sex is
common place it puts young women in line for heartache. How
many of us walking around today know this as a fact because we
have experienced it? I can personally say that in my teen
years, I remember being happy until I decided to throw away
God’s law on sexuality.

Dr. Miriam Grossman in her book “Unprotected”, reveals
that “radical politics” has replaced “common sense” in the
campus health counseling centers. The nation’s 17 million
college and university students are being fed a lie while their
risky behavior is condoned by the prevalent social agenda on
campus. Sin is now being applauded and young women are reaping
the consequences. Even men are suffering because evidence is
proving that men suffer from post abortion trauma even more so
than women do. Abortion being a consequence of sex outside of
marriage and the contraception mentality. Not only this, but
HPV (HPV goes right through condoms) which is a major cause of
a highly contagious cervical cancer is spreading from casual
sex. Considering this and the spread of HIV/AIDS and Chlamydia
which causes infertility. Women are waiting longer to get
married which along with exposing themselves to the above which
affects fertility there is a 75% decline in the ability to
conceive after 30. Miscarriage increases after 30, stillbirth
doubles and the risk of genetic abnormality is six times
greater. College campuses focus on career which pushes
young women into valuing this over finding a husband and having
children. Therefore many times it is too late when women
finally decide to start a family and they find themselves

God is not welcome in college health clinics according to Dr.
Grossman. Psychologists are more likely to be agnostic or
atheist than the general public. Religion has been replaced by
values of inclusion, respect and equality, especially in
respect to gender, race, sexual orientation, disability and
other identities. There is evidence that religion protects
against drug and alcohol use, early sexual activity and
suicide, yet this is being ignored. Through television we are
constantly bombarded with sex outside of marriage as an
acceptable lifestyle. God has warned us repeatedly through
Scripture and His Church that there are consequences to
ignoring His laws. He loves us and wants only what is good for
us and keeping His commandments is they only key to joy in
this life.

Sex and Consequences by Janice Shaw Crouse, January 10, 2007

Catechism of the Catholic Church l994 United States Catholic
Conference, Inc.