We are called to forgive, for who among us does not have a lot that God has forgiven us of?  We all fall short and if we want to continue to receive God’s mercy we must give it to others.  With God that is not so hard to do, just pray and trust.  Jesus Christ himself has given to the Church in these hard times the devotion to his great Mercy.  Given to Saint Faustina in the l930s in Poland.  It is nothing new, Scripture is full of verses that glorify his mercy.  He gave the devotion to us I think so that we will not lose hope in these hard and evil times.   He told St. Faustina that the greatest sinner has a right to his Mercy.  We all at times think someone is so despicable that they don’t deserve mercy, but God does not hold that opinion.   We all have some skeletons in the closet that we don’t wish others to know. 

The novena starts on Good Friday and ends on Divine Mercy Sunday, the Sunday after Easter.  Jesus has promised to all those who receive the Sacrament of Confession and go to Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday in honor of His Great Mercy that he will give a pardon for all punishment due to sin.  Father John is going to be in his confessional from 3:00pm the hour of mercy to 12:00 midnight on Divine Mercy Sunday so anyone who wants to receive the sacrament of mercy (confession) may do so.  He is at St. Johns on Vestal Avenue in Binghamton.   If people cannot get to confession that day, you can go eight days before or eight days after, as long as it is offered in honor of Jesus’s unfathomable Mercy. 

 The Divine Mercy novena leading up to Mercy Sunday starts Good Friday.  To find out how to participate, go to EWTN.com and from the menu under “Faith” choose “Devotions” then “Novenas.”